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About Cairovan - camels


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About Cairovan - camels

My name is Monem, I am a true Brightonian-Cariene mix. I offer a simple menu of 2 wraps beautifully balanced and deliciously flavoured. The foods I serve through the hatches of my Cairovan camper are traditional Egyptian recipes passed down through family from generation to generation.

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We are blessed to live in such an amazing area where we have some of the tastiest produce right on our door step. As such, all of our ingredients and supplies are sourced from the UK, with many from Sussex itself.

Such amazing produce requires proper care and responsible practices. Being conscious of our environmental impact is one of the fundamental beliefs behind Cairovan.

We strive to be ethical, community-minded and environmentally conscious. Here’s how.


All the lamb we use is free range and where possible is sourced from Stoneywish, our family farm in East Sussex. The family has been farming this land for five generations and are passionate about animal welfare, with the lambs having acres of land to roam. We use the legs and shoulders for our slow roasted wraps and the offcuts are made into our spiced chipolatas for our breakfast menu.

We do not like to waste anything!

When we are out of lamb, we give Dave a call from Calcot Farm. Calcot is a family run business based in West Sussex. They raise a lot of their meat themselves and are conscious of high welfare standards. These guys specialise in incredible homemade cured meats!


All of our halloumi is produced in Britain from a family owned business, Milkys. The halloumi is made from 100% fresh British cows and goats milk, using their traditional family recipe. This tasty cheese has won many awards including the British Cheese Awards and Great Taste!


Our free-range organic eggs are supplied to us by the lovely hens over at The Mac’s Farm. The Mac’s are our amazing farming neighbours in Ditchling. This family are fourth generation organic egg farmers. They really love what they do, and we love it too! Especially when they provide us some seriously tasty double yokers!


All of our deliciously soft Khobez bread comes fresh from Rayan Bakery.

Rayan is truly a taste of the traditional middle east in the south east!

Baking high quality breads from the best ingredients, perfectly showcasing our delicious fillings!


Our fruit and veg supplier is TG FRUITS. At TG FRUITS they pride themselves on quality fresh produce, working closely with farmers and growers from the local area as well as around the world.


When it comes to beans, we team up with Hodmedods, a supplier who source sustainable beans and grains from British farms. They are particularly interested in searching out lesser known foods, like our very own fava beans. With their supply, we create our traditional Egyptian falafel and our hearty breakfast.


There is no point in having mouth-watering local free-range produce only to serve it in a plastic container! The packaging for our food was chosen specially for the fact that it is fully compostable. We are partnered with Enviropack, a trusted supplier of eco-friendly, disposable food containers from ethical sources.


To produce our Halloumi Fries and our Falafel, we need a steady supply high quality oil. For this, we are proud to have Olleco supplying our oil. They are a company that turn all of our used waste oil into bio fuel. This not only recycles the oil but stops it from ending up in land fill – truly impressive!

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Having a do?!
Cairovan is available for private hire.

We provide a couple of services but are happy to tailor either of them to your personal wants and specifications.

1) Hire the van
For your outside events (including garden parties, weddings etc) the cairovan team will come to your venue and serve our menu through the hatches of our eye-catching van. This can be done on either a pre-paid or pay as you go basis.

2) Cook from your home
For dinner parties, birthdays, and just why not (?!), we offer a personal dining service from your kitchen. Serving an array of meze dishes to your table, eating in true Egyptian style! We will lay your table, serve your wine, and tidy up, so you can concentrate on the important things, like eating and drinking!

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